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Ken Marino Associates 

Ken Marino A.S.I.D

A native of San Francisco, Ken Marino is a graduate of San Jose State University and attended Stanford University. 

Ken has over 20 years of experience with both residential and commercial interiors. 

While his experience and skills enable him to cater to a wide variety of tasks, he specializes in dramatic and impressionistic furniture and design.    

Ken enjoys the challenge of defining his rare capability,successfully working with any and all design concepts. 

Ken Marino has been recognized and published in the California State Senate Arts Council of Kern County, Los Angeles Time Magazine and many local magazine publications 

Ken Marino  (661) 654 - 1064

Ken Marino Associates is a proud member of the International Interior Design Association. We have over 30 years of experience in the Interior Design profession and can guide you to the perfect solutions for your home or office. 

Our professional design team's objectives actively and effectively provide functional and beautiful environments for today's busy clientele. We are proud of our ability to find creative solutions to make your dream home a reality and design an environment you will cherish! 

Many years of combined experience enable Marino Design Associates to interpret their clients' ideas and visions, translating them into beautiful realities. Our interiors are of the highest quality but also never lose sight of the importance of value.


Ken Marino, President of Marino Design Associates, has direct sources world-wide for furnishings and accessories that provide you with the design elements necessary to create environments that are truly an expression of your own personal taste and style. 

Regardless of which direction your tastes run - from formal, dramatic or romantic, to informal or modern, Marino Design is considered an expert in the field of interiors. Although our residential client list represent many large scale custom homes - Marino Design will create interior living spaces that capture the inner desires that are unique to each and every person.

Dennis Fowler

Born in Long Beach, California and has an extensive design background. 

While serving in the military in Germany - He toured Europe and discovered that the architecture design and craftsmanship would have an influence.  

After leaving the military Dennis joined Marino Designs where is explored his design talents. After working on several interiors he decided to start cultivating his art. 

His clients encouraged him to continue his craft and Dennis was able to provide his clients with art that reflected his taste and encompassed his clients environment. 

Dennis Fowler's Artwork has been showcased in many Art Galleries at the Design Center in Las Vegas and at the Betty Young Gallery in Bakersfield, Ca   

Dennis Fowler  (661) 333 - 9381

Marino Designs have done projects in- 

  • Las Vegas

  • Kern County 

  • Los Angeles 

  • Orange County 

  • Palm Springs 

  • San Fransico 

  • Montana 

  • Honolulu 

  • California Central Coast 

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