Design Studio


The Legend and Legacy

It all began in 1964 -

Brooks Brothers Interiors was created.

The beautiful castle you see today

was a residential home built in 1924 with adobe walls.

Bert and his brother remodeled the 2,100 sf home

into an 8,000 sf showroom.

Brooks Brothers Interiors built an impressive 

reputation and is well known for turning any empty and disjointed space into a gorgeous, masterpiece of art through Interior Design.

Fifty-seven years later, Bert Brooks is still committed to his family, clients and business after surviving throat cancer in 2011. Bert had his voice box removed, and speaks with an electronic device, but

he doesn't let that stop him doing what he loves most -

Interior Design. 

Bert's oldest daughter, Tamara Montana, and her husband, Greg Montana, felt a familiar peace in their hearts as they gratefully returned home in 2011 and took positions

in honoring Brooks Brothers Interiors legacy.

Together they have embraced the privilege

of closely working with their father every day.

Together they have established a warm and inviting culture of joy by facilitating meaningful experiences internally and externally. They also hold Toastmasters Meetings every Wednesday from 12:00 pm. to 1:00 pm. 

With their incredible Interior Design Team they maintain the business' prestigious reputation

while expanding into bigger avenues.

Their Creative and Innovative Dream Team makes

Brooks Brothers Interiors

not only known in the Kern County Community, 

but also globally.         

Meet the Dream Team












Brooks - Montana

Owner/ Founder

Bert Brooks, founder of Brooks Brothers Interiors, imparts extraordinary and valuable wisdom in business, interior design, and customer service with impeccable presentation.

Owner / Interior Designer

Tamara (Brooks) Montana inherited her father's genes of creating exquisite spaces where their clients love to dwell. She is also a licensed psychotherapist.


Greg Montana has a degree in engineering. He maintains Brooks Brothers Interiors function: moving furniture, hanging pictures and building a new design center.

Interior Designer

Lupe Luna has a degree in Visual Communications from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise. She brings in a new and bold perspective when it comes to design.

Artist / Designer

Cynthia Hallstrom is an artist extraordinaire with 40 years experience in fine art, murals and design.

Mascot/ Greeter

Brooks Brothers Interiors cutest mascot. Magic is a Maltese/Poodle mix with a friendly and lovable personality.