This vibrantly colored peacock is strutting it's stuff while showing off a beautiful array of animated feathers. The multi-colored feathers adorning this peacock are creatively painted with mixed patterns, colors, and textures. Some feathers have pieces of crinkled aluminum, newspaper, colorful fabric, and woven straw patches that are made to resemble peacock feathers. Each texture and pattern adds playfulness and character to the painting blending them with the bold brush strokes in a dynamic way. This painting is perfect for those who like to express themselves through the many hues of life. This hand crafted painting is lively and would be great for a living room, bedroom or even in the entrance of a beautiful office building.


Dimensions (D x W x H): 1.5 x 48 x 48 (Inches) 
Weight: 7 Pounds 

Colorful Peacock